Top 5 Marketing Myths For The Alcohol Industry

Top 5 Marketing Myths For The Alcohol Industry

Navigating the World Wide Web is not an easy task. With an ever-changing digital landscape and endless flow of conversation, it’s easy to be steered in the wrong direction.


That’s why the experts at Wier & Bein are here to show you the way. Check out the five common marketing myths that can harm your digital marketing strategy.


MYTH #1: “If You Build It, They Will Come.”

After putting weeks or months of work toward a beautiful, responsive website, you’re ready to take on the world! BRING ON THE CUSTOMERS!!! But instead, nothing. What went wrong? Why aren’t you getting the attention you hoped for?


One common myth is that once you’ve launched a new website, the traffic and customers will come pouring in. But how are potential customers supposed to know about your new website if they never see it?


If you MARKET it, they will come. Very few people arrive at websites directly. Most stumble upon a website after clicking on a Google search result, social media post or email link.


It’s not enough to have a kick-ass website built to attract your audience. If your SEO is bad and you don’t take advantage of digital marketing tools like social media or PPC ads, you won’t get the attention you desire.


MYTH #2: “Instant Sales? Just Add Marketing!”

“I just started working with an agency last week and I haven’t seen any results!! What gives??”


Slow down there, kemosabe. Good things come to those who wait. Although some marketing tactics show progress immediately, it takes time for an overall marketing strategy to accumulate results.


To accurately test if you’re garnering the results you need, follow these steps:

·      Set goals and benchmarks

·      Measure conversions (whether that is sales, more followers on social media, increased website traffic, etc.)

·      Use social media analytics to measure engagement

·      Review website traffic

·      Compare foot traffic or online sales from before and after launching your campaign.


If you are partnering with an awesome agency, they should help you identify your goals and establish a plan to reach them. If not, it’s time to compose a breakup letter and move on, loverboy.


Myth #3: “Marketing is ALL About Millennials”

Uh, false. Marketing is all about YOUR target audience. While it’s true that many brands and companies focus on targeting millennials online, that isn’t the case for all brands. Now, more than ever, older demographics are searching the Internet and scrolling through social media.
How do you target the right audience? Be as detailed as possible when identifying your ideal customer. Heck, even give them a name. This sample customer – right down to where they shop and what music they like – will help you create an audience for digital marketing that will yield the most results at the lowest cost.

And, it’s okay that your average customer is a mom in her mid-30s who loves to unwin(e)d at the end of the day with a fairly full glass of merlot after she puts the kids to bed. She wants to feel represented when she looks at your brand’s marketing. Plus, millennials can’t have it ALL, right?



MYTH #4: “Marketing Should Attract As Many People As Possible.”

Okay, seems true. But, it’s not. Marketing goes beyond attracting an audience. Like we mentioned above, a good strategy is one that chooses the right audience. While some forms of advertising try to serve everyone, digital marketing allows you to narrow down your audience by gender, age, location, interests and more. Because let’s be real, not EVERYONE is going to be interested in your product.


This is especially important for smaller wineries, breweries, and distilleries because you can make the most of your ad budget and avoid spending money on the wrong audience.


MYTH #5: “Only Big Businesses Use Digital Marketing.”

Raise your hand if you’ve used the used the following sentence: “Digital marketing? I’m not (insert wildly successful alcohol producer with semi-average product here)!”


Many people assume that the big dogs in the industry are the only ones that can afford to advertise. Unlike TV and other traditional forms of media, digital ad campaigns are often inexpensive and affordable to most wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Small budgets can bring successful results when using appropriate digital marketing tactics.



If you have a tight grip on the purse strings but know you need digital marketing, we get it! Wier & Bein can help you prioritize your marketing budget based on your goals by evaluating your online needs and determining which strategies will work best for your brand. Reach out to us today!

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