Many top alcohol beverage brands are going strictly digital, taking advantage of social media’s powerful ability to target of-age consumers with hyper-focus. But is this service the right solution for smaller brands? Research says yes, and here’s why.


Social Tradition

Social media might be (fairly) new to the scene, but back when barrels of whiskey were being floated down the Missouri River at night, social marketing was still an important part of the business. In fact, back then, the stakes were even higher: saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could mean a team of feds rushing your speakeasy in the middle of the night. The proprietors of these bootleg operations really had to be sure that they could trust sending their message to the right people. Which is exactly what we do here at Wier & Bein!


Social Media for your Business

Social media is a unifying platform that a large portion of the market spends a considerable amount of time using daily. Having your brand present on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram means current customers are being reminded of your benefits, and consumers who have never heard of you are getting daily exposure to your brand.


In the beverage market, brand loyalty is very important, as many consumers, particularly those willing to spend more for quality, are not variety seekers. Social media marketing creates brand loyalty, and the research agrees. This study shows that over half of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands.


Join the Conversation

Even more than exposure, social media gives brands a chance to respond to consumers in real time, solve customer issues, and most importantly, advertise products to an active audience. So why choose Wier & Bein to manage your online presence? Because it’s hard to get right.


For one, most consumers don’t want their precious digital space invaded by inferior content, which could cause consumers to harbor negative feelings about your brand. We don’t want that, do we? Instead, having exceptional, relevant, and engaging content will make your brand appear more professional, relatable, and trustworthy.


At Wier & Bein, our team of storytellers and strategist will craft custom content that works for your brand. Essentially, we’re the perfect pair. You make great spirits, beer and wine, and we make great content that helps your fans view your brand in the best light.


Thinking About Social Media Marketing?

Working with Wier and Bein means you get monthly strategy action plans that are built with strong content and proven strategies in mind. This means you can spend more time doing what you love and less time managing your Facebook and Instagram account. Sound good? Get in touch with the great team at Wier and Bien today!


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