Your website design should reflect your brand. People should have the same feeling when they visit your website that they get when they walk into your brewery or tasting room. Our website designers and developers focus on user experience and functionality to give visitors that warm, fuzzy feeling… sans alcohol.


Your Digital Sales Rep

For new customers, stumbling on your website should give them the full story of what you’re about. Are you a team of good ol’ boys making high-proof bourbon in the woods? What about a rustic brewery offering high-quality quirky beers? Or maybe you’re an elegant, expansive winery with top-notch food and room for weddings. Something out there sets you apart, and that should be apparent from the first click.


Here at Wier & Bein, we specialize in creating custom websites that are mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, optimized for search engines, and full of relevant content. When this mixture is blended together, what you get is an asset that increases leads, promotes brand awareness and offers a place for consumers to learn about your products.


First Impressions, and Final Impressions

Everyone knows the importance of first impressions, but consider that research shows that up to 83% of consumers visit a website before making a purchase. What that means is that since a website is often the last contact a consumer has with your brand before purchasing, a good website should serve as a digital sales rep.


Imagine that one of your sales reps spends a night enjoying your wonderful spirits – and comes into work the next day looking like they had a little too much. Would you send that rep on a meeting with an important distributor? Because a website acts as a sales tool, keeping it groomed and updated is an incredibly important variable when interacting with customers.


Our Approach

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to designing websites. Our website design process starts with graphic designers, developers, content specialists and SEO experts working together to create an easily navigated website, followed by development and content creation. Even after your website is launched, our quality assurance team works with our developers to make sure that there are no issues.


Is Your Website Worthy of Your Brand?

Remember how we said a website is like a salesperson? Is it time to fire your website for being ineffective? Let us show you the difference a great website can make. Hire us to craft the perfect website for your brand – a website that’s always working, always looking great, and always adding value to your bottom line. Contact us today!


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