What if there was a way to target consumers that have already visited your website? With retargeting, you can! For the alcohol beverage industry, retargeting through Google AdWords or Facebook can be used as another touchpoint to help your brand stay top-of-mind.


An Interested Audience

A Farmer, a Truck Driver, and a Cowboy walk into a bar. The bartender asks the group what they would like to drink. The trio looks around the bar, asks a few questions about the various drinks, check out the booths, the floors, and the view, then they walk out. The bartender rushes outside after them, telling them what they’re missing inside, and why they should come back in and order something.


Ok, there’s no punchline, and in real life, this would never happen. But online, we can find people who were once interested in your products but didn’t convert right then and there. By using cookie-generated data, we can follow consumers digitally, displaying your ads on websites that they visit for a product that they are already interested in.


It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a product, and it’s called remarketing, or retargeting. Although it’s only one of the many services that we offer here at Wier & Bein, this tactic is a favorite among clients. That’s because it offers a direct line of communication to the most interested segment that exists, consumers who have visited your website and demonstrated an interest in your offerings.


Constant Impressions

Retargeting allows us to get your product on those consumer’s minds, no matter where they travel virtually. Through our years of experience, we’ve made retargeting a science, displaying relevant ads through Google AdWords and Facebook. Additionally, there is a magic number out there, that after enough exposure, a prospect feels a need to act.


Even if it never turns into a successful conversion, it creates brand awareness and recognition throughout a consumer’s decision-making process. No matter what, we’re willing to bet you want your brand on the minds of consumers who are ready to make a purchase.


Introduce Your Brand to More Consumers

Do you want to turn more prospects into conversions? Do you want ads that can make an impression on your most interested prospects? At Wier & Bein, we have a history of marketing success thanks to retargeting. If you would like to make your website even more effective, reach out to us today for a free consultation.


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