The Robin Hood & Little John of Prohibition

The year was 1920. The beginning of the end… or so we thought. The country was hit hard with prohibition.  Alcohol establishments across the United States were closing their doors for what would be the last time for many.

Fast forward a few years later. In the mid 1920s, speakeasies had replaced bars, breweries and other establishments in every state. The underground bootlegging scene was booming. With hushed voices, thirsty individuals whispered obscured passwords into closed doors to gain entrance and share a stiff drink with friends.

That’s where our founders come in.

Meet August Wier and Virginia (Ginny) Bein. Two star-crossed lovers who shared an affinity for alcohol.

August had a love for anything boozy. He pined for his evening whiskey on the rocks after working long and hard as a banker. August was a burly man; quiet, yet intelligent.

Ginny was quite the bearcat. She was a lively, spirited dame with a fiery streak. When she wanted things done, she got things done. Her power of persuasion couldn’t be beat and her tolerance was that of a man twice her size.

Their paths crossed in a Chicago speakeasy and it was love at first sight. Okay, that’s just speculation. However, they bonded over their desire to help these speakeasies, and others across the country, get the word out about their establishment so more people could enjoy the sweet relief of a cold drink during this dark time in history.

They knew what these speakeasies needed. Marketing. But how could they spread the word about their underground operation without arousing any suspicion from the cops?

That’s where Wier & Bein was born. Throughout prohibition, this dynamic duo was known as the Robin Hood and Little John of prohibition – providing underground marketing services for the underdogs, and for the good of all. As this dynamic duo fought against prohibition by helping spread the word of speakeasies across America, not only did these partners in crime become legends, but also fell in love.  And the rest? Well, that’s a story for another time.

Now, there is very little proof of August and Ginny’s existence in history books, but here at Wier & Bein, we hold onto this piece of history, no matter how fuzzy the details, and carry our great founder’s names with pride.

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