When you look at successful brands, what’s the one thing that they all have in common? (hint: it’s not always good product). It’s branding! These popular alcohol brands have worked hard to create a memorable brand through packaging, color schemes, brand-voice, and more so that their brand stands out in people’s minds. And we can help your company do the same.


What Even Is Branding?

Branding is the voice through which your company speaks to customers and the lens through which consumers view your product. It is apparent in the walls of your store, and the demeanor of your public relations. Arguably, branding is the one facet of your marketing mix that consumers will most relate to.


A Strong Foundation

When developing a brand, we consider the advantages of your product over a competitor, the uses for your product, and who wants your product the most. Then, with our team of strategists and graphic designers, we work to develop an overall aesthetic and messaging that encompasses all the feelings a consumer may feel when considering your product.


Branding is a set of expectations

Ultimately, your brand perception is determined by your consumers. But by laying a strong foundation, you can help your audience see all the best things about your products. Whatever it is that sets your brand apart, from sourcing ingredients to distilling only the highest quality alcohols, driving home your value to your audience begins and ends with branding.


Our Process

At Wier & Bein, we take many variables into consideration when it comes to your branding. One of those factors is your brand’s positioning. Do you make a high-quality wine that should be sparsely distributed to the kinds of places that only the drinkers with the most discriminating tastes would even know about? Do you offer a low-cost, high-value everyday drink? Are you an innovative brewer that creates flavors that no one has tried before?


Whatever your offerings, we know how to create messages in the form of web design, logo creation, communication and social media content to highlight your brand story.


Brand Yourself

Are you ready to put your best foot forward to your audience? Are you ready to take your efforts to the next level by delivering a consistent message that highlights the best parts of your business? At Wier & Bein, we have a strong history of building brands from the bottom up and strengthening existing brands. So, whatever stage your business is in, we can help. Call us today to set up a free consultation!


Branding Services
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Research
  • Brand Voice Creation
  • Establishing Brand Essence