For decades, the consumer behavior model has included a recalled group of brands that consumers think of when a decision to make a purchase has been made. What has changed recently is the advent of search engines.


Today we can influence consumer behavior even more by making sure that when a consumer is weighing their options, your product is in the consideration mix. The way we accomplish this is through Paid Search or Pay-per-click advertising. We’ll take your ad and place it in the forefront of users actively searching for related content, or even better – your competitors!


Why We Do It Better

At Wier & Bein, we believe that a business gets out of AdWords what it puts in. And because we know the potency of this tool, we’re willing to put a lot in, by pouring over reports, measuring results, and developing a strategy to increase conversions. We put time and effort into managing your ads to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that your ads are still garnering results.


Our clients appreciate knowing that their AdWords budget is in good hands, and they have comfort knowing they can see the work we put in on the reports, and the results of this work on their bottom line. Like a well-distilled alcohol, we seek crystal clear transparency because quality takes effort, but that’s what we do.


Get Noticed

Do you want to reach potential customers when they are most ready to make a purchase decision? That sounds like a can’t-lose situation to us. Our Google-certified strategists work all day to make sure you see a return on investment. Reach out to Wier & Bein and let us show you what a difference Paid Search can make on your business.


Paid Search (PPC) Services
  • Keyword-Rich Content
  • Display and Remarketing
  • Landing Page Design & Implementation
  • AdWords Set Up
  • Daily Monitoring & Budget Management
  • Monthly Reporting