Taste Test: Pumpkin Beer Edition

Meet the pumpkin beer taste-test team. They’re eager and adventurous, just like their taste buds. They all love beer but disagree about what style is best. Some are veterans and long-time aficionados, and some are fresh into the expansive realm of the adult-beverage market. Although diverse, they all agree on one thing: pumpkin definitely deserves a chance to mingle with brew.


Read below to find out which take on pumpkin beer stole our team’s hearts. Cheers!


Mother’s Brewing Co.: Mr. Pumpkin


First on the list: Mother’s Brewing Co. This brew disappointed us overall, leaving the team worried about what they got their taste buds into. We gave it the benefit of the doubt, though, considering it was the first with nothing to compare it to. One beer veteran noted that it just tasted like regular beer, while most of the team was shocked by the overwhelming pumpkin smell.


Schlafly: Pumpkin Ale


A local classic that everyone was excited about, Schlafly definitely delivered. With the right amount of pumpkin, one taster even changed his rankings after testing all the beers. Although it was generally liked, some of the team was hoping for a fresher flavor.


Blue moon: Harvest pumpkin wheat


We had a fever, and the only prescription was more pumpkin. After talking, the team realized that Blue Moon is like the rite of passage. Blue Moon is what gets beer lovers into loving beer. It changes your alcoholic-consumption world. This beer did not have an effect on us. The Blue Moon taste, of course, was great. But we need more pumpkin.



Crown Valley: Imperial Pumpkin Smash


We popped open the Crown Valley, and the energy in the room lifted. The team was excited to try out this pumpkin stout based on the flavorful track record the company has. However, the team was divided. The drink was just average compared to the rest, but some tasters didn’t mind the standard beer taste.


New Holland: Ichabod pumpkin ale


If dark beer is your thing, this beer is definitely it. New Holland’s Pumpkin Ale was the darkest of the entire flight of beers. One taster who generally likes both light and dark beer didn’t care for this one much. Overall, our team didn’t enjoy the drink as much as others.


O’Fallon: Pumpkin Beer


Another local favorite, O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer won over the entire team. There was a distinct pumpkin taste, but not too powerful. The beer was approachable and lighter, making it enjoyable for the entire team.  This beer is an instant classic; other team preferences were the only thing holding it back from a 10/10.


Elysian Brewing Co.: Night Owl pumpkin ale


The last of the flight ended on a high note. This beer boasts being brewed with seven and a half pounds of pumpkin per barrel – and you can definitely taste it. While light in color, the flavors of pumpkin and nutmeg stole the show. Some of the tasters who had never heard of this brewing company before walked out with a new favorite.




Some classics definitely shined through (like Schlafly), but didn’t stand much of a chance to new favorites, like Elysian and O’Fallon.

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