Marketing Mix: Not as Tasty as a Cocktail, But Just as Important

Many of you may think of marketing and advertising as synonymous, but the truth is, advertising is only a component of marketing. In fact, a company’s entire marketing strategy is called a marketing-mix, and here at Weir & Bien, our clients know a thing or two about mixing.


So we (being the helpful team that we are) defined the marketing mix in terms that a master mixologist will appreciate: by comparing it to the ingredients that make a great cocktail.


The Spirit

A cocktail can have 100 ingredients, or it can have three, but the spirit defines everything. That’s how we think of product. The product defines the rest of the mix – just as a cocktail is crafted around the unique notes of a spirit. A good product will arrive out of an unmet need in a market, creating a level of demand before the product even hits the market. But more than that, it will have a uniqueness, something that differentiates it from its competitors.


Here at Wier & Bein, we believe that somewhere out there, an idea exists that truly captures the essence of your product. And that idea complements your product so well, consumers can’t help but drink it up.


Modifying Agents

Plenty of people may enjoy their whiskey straight, but there’s a reason that bars stock up on Coca-Cola. A modifying agent softens up a spirit, giving it more drinkability, and leading to more people being able to enjoy it. That’s a good analogy for promotion, another part of the marketing mix.


Promotion serves three main functions: to increase demand, to present information to consumers, and to help brand a product. Think about domestic light beers for a moment. In a blind taste test, most consumers can’t tell the difference. And yet when it’s time for a backyard barbecue, a camping trip or a Saturday afternoon with friends, everyone has a go-to brand.


Just like some people prefer tonic water or orange juice with their gin, most consumers relate to the branding and advertising efforts of one product over another.


Special Flavoring

Aromatics. Cordials. Syrups. Anyone can mix a spirit and a modifying agent, but using the right amount of special flavorings can only be done right by a seasoned mixologist. Implementing the right strategy takes experience and creativity, which means that marketing various clients requires a unique approach every time.


Strategy and scaling are the special flavorings of the marketing world. They take subtlety, confidence and experience to implement right, but when done correctly, these ingredients can really set your brand apart from your competitors.


The Bartender

We’re particular about our drinks. We’re sure you’re particular about your brand. Wouldn’t you rather have your drinks served to you by a qualified professional with a history of success? Weir & Bien is a full service marketing agency that specializes in bringing hand-crafted adult beverages into the spotlight where they belong.


If having the best beer lead to market success, Bud Light wouldn’t be the most common beer. If market success meant having the cheapest beer, Busch Light wouldn’t be a market follower. Instead, the key to success is having the best marketing mix.


Like mixing a cocktail, the right ingredients for a better marketing mix will make all the difference. Contact us today to help your brand reach the audience it deserves.


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