How the Wine Snob is Being Replaced

10,000 years ago, our Chinese ancestors really knew how to have a good time. According to archaeological research, the earliest known alcoholic beverage was made from fermented grapes, hawthorn, rice, and honey, and found in China. This mixture, essentially a wine, came in at 20% ABV, meaning these ancient people were getting buck-wild. But as knowledge of fermentation began to grow, grape wines were reserved for the gentry, which perhaps inspires today’s archetype for the wine snob.


We admit, detecting every subtle note from start to finish and being able to pair it with fine foods takes a refined palette, but the truth is, wine is more accessible to the everyman than it’s ever been. That type of re-branding takes time and effort, so it’s worth taking a look at the wine market, to determine why and how this drink has become more and more popular.


1. A Wine For Every Palette

With major production in 72 countries, hundreds of grape varieties, and prices ranging from $2 to prices that Warren Buffet would find outrageous, wine is the perfect drink for consumers seeking variety in their after-work beverages. The fact that the wine aisle is often the most diverse works in favor for wine as a category, but somewhat hurts the winery producing individual wines, as retaining customers can be a challenge when so many alternatives can be found. But ultimately, due to wine’s unmatched range of options and flavors, it is a top-shelf option for variety seekers.


2. A Wine for Every Segment

Are you having a party and want to impress your friends? There’s a wine for that.


No matter what you are serving, there is a wine that pairs perfectly with your dinner, and it’s going to taste great. And yet, on the same aisle as the dinner wine, there’s also a bottle with enough sugar to make an elephant crash, and it’s perfect for folks that can’t stand beer or liquor but still want to drink. There’s also probably a limited edition, small batch bottle that a collector can’t wait to get their hands on, while at the same time, a big box of chardonnay sits somewhere towards the bottom of the shelf, waiting to be featured on some college kid’s Snapchat as they chug it faster than any human should be able to.


What’s the point of all this? For every segment, every need, there is a wine for that. Wine is more accessible because it has a lot of uses, and when marketers and producers respond to unmet needs, successful products arise.


3. A Wine For Every Occasion

Once you’ve paired your Thanksgiving meal with the right Lambrusco, there’s no going back. Wine not only has a lot of diversity within the beverage, and lots of uses, it’s also the best option for many occasions. Wineries are taking notice of this trend, and have started creating beverages with flavors that inspire nostalgia in most consumers, meaning demand for the beverage is higher among all demographics.


There’s no question that the days of the aristocratic wine drinker are almost certainly behind us, and that’s thanks to the market, the winery, and marketers. With more flavors, varieties, and reasons to drink wine than ever before, there’s a high possibility that wine can someday replace beer as the everyman’s go-to adult beverage.


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